On Target Airsoft if proud to offer its customers Spot-On Loyalty rewards. Enrollment is free and just requires a visit to our store or a smart phone! Spot On Points can be used for FREE stuff and/or discounts on your purchases. Enrollment is free!

In-Store: come by and see us, grab a card at the register, and sign-up with your e-mail address. Everytime you come by, scan your card to earn SPOT points, redeemabable for free stuff or purchase discounts. Register your card on our FB page to earn bonus points.

On-Line: Download the Spot-On Application to your smart phone and register with your email. visit our FB page and click the "TAP INTO REWARDS HERE" tab. register your email with us, and you are all set. When you make a purchase on our store, put your SPOT-ON number into the order notes field and we will credit your account with a SPOT ON Point. To redeem your SPOT points just give us a call 678-797-1900.

Wednesdays are Double Spot days! Earn double spots on hump day!

All SPOT ON users regsitered with our Facebook page get 5% off purchases on their birthday!!

Bonus Points: earn bonus SPOT ON points with our Facebook app by:

  • Registering your SPOT ON card with our FB Page (2 SPOT points)
  • Sharing us with your friends on Facebook (1 SPOT point)
  • Telling your friends about rewards you redeem with us (1 SPOT point)
  • Watch our FB Page for double SPOT point offers

REWARDS: Redeem your SPOT points for the following:

1Spots – Enter in various contests (TBA)
4 Spot – OTA License Plate Frame
7 Spots – OTA Barrel Sock (Available 9/25)
10 Spots – $5 off Purchase
15 Spots - Free Bag of .20g or .23g Golden Ball BBs
21 Spots – 15% off any purchase
30 Spots – OTA Zombie T-Shirt & $10 off Purchase

On Target Airsoft Spot On Rewards


All airsoft guns are required, by law, to have a permanent fixed blaze orange tip (minimum 6mm). All Airsoft Guns sold by OnTarget Airsoft have the blaze orange tip. Do not remove, paint over, or alter the blaze orange tip; it is there for your safety.

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