Repair/Upgrade Services

On Target Airsoft is proud to offer reliable and affordable repair and upgrade services for your airsoft guns:

Prices do not include shipping on mail in repairs/upgrades

  • Advice – FREE
  • Attach Optics/Accessories to gun rails (does not included sighting in) – FREE
  • Assembly of any Spring Sniper Rifle purchased from On Target – FREE
  • Assembly of Spring Sniper Rifle purchased from another shop - $15.00
  • Chronograph your gun (with customer BBs & battery*) – FREE

*$2.00 range fee if On Target Airsoft supplies BBs/Battery

  • External Body Work - $25.00 (parts not included)
  • External Wiring (where gearbox does not have to be opened) - $25.00 (parts not included)
  • Gearbox rebuild/Spring replacement** - $50 (parts not included)

**Gearbox rebuilds include troubleshooting, rebuild, shim, lubrication and testing. We use Nano-Oil and Nano-Grease in our gearbox rebuilds!

  • ICS Split Gearbox spring replacement - $25.00 (does NOT include shim/lube or parts)
  • Gas gun service/repair - $30 (parts not included)
  • Spring sniper rifle rebuild or upgrade - $35 (parts not included)
  • MOSFET or Trigger switch Installation (parts not included) - $50.00 (includes shim/lube of gearbox internals)
  • Self-Resetting fuse upgrade - $20.00 (includes Fuse & labor)
  • Custom gun builds - $50/hour, 1 hour minimum, ½ hour billing increments (Call our tech staff for time quote)
All work done by On Target Airsoft  is warranted for 14-days from pick up. Warranty is void if:
  • Inferior or .12g BBs are used (Crosman, PForce, BB King, etc)
  • 11.1v or higher LiPo or batteries over 30c are used
  • Gun is modified or disassembled by customer after pick-up
  • Gun is worked on by another store

For more information, contact our tech department or 678-797-1900

Parts purchased from On Target Airsoft for our repair work get 10% off retail

All repairs are done a first come first serve basis.
Warranty repairs get priority handling.

Completion date will be dependent on parts availability.

Guns not picked up within 90-days become property of On Target Airsoft

All airsoft guns are required, by law, to have a permanent fixed blaze orange tip (minimum 6mm). All Airsoft Guns sold by OnTarget Airsoft have the blaze orange tip. Do not remove, paint over, or alter the blaze orange tip; it is there for your safety.

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