Product Warranties


All of our products have a 14-day Parts/Labor repair warranty. Beyond 14-days the following manufacturer warranties are in effect:

  • Aim Sports - Limited Lifetime
  • ARES - 30-day parts/labor
  • Classic Army - 60-day manufacturer warranty
  • Echo1 - 30-days
  • ICS - 30-day parts/labor
  • Infected Armory: 30-day manufacturer warranty
  • KWA - 45-day manufacturer warranty
  • NcStar - Limited Lifetime
  • Pantac: 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • S-Thunder: 30-day parts/labor (warranty void if used with Propane)
  • Spec Ops Brand: Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • SRC - 30-day parts/labor warranty
  • Umarex/Elite Force - 30 days to 1-year (depending on product)
  • Voodoo: Limited lifetime warranty
  • Xcortech: 30-day warranty

**Consumables (BBs, Gas, Lubricants, etc) are not warrantied**

Airsoft Gun warranties does not include damage or wear to the outside of the gun, to include accessories (magazines, scope, stock, sights, etc). It also does not cover physical damage incurred during skirmishes or field play. Batteries are not covered under this warranty.

All our airsoft guns (unless noted in the listing) are tested at our warehouse and are guaranteed to function properly out of the box. We currently have a return rate of less than 1%.

Warranty is void on any airsoft gun if inferior BBs are used. The only BBs On Target Airsoft recommends are: SRC, Golden Ball, Elite Force, Bioval, ICS, TSD Tactical, King Arms, KCS, Excel, Madbull & BB Bastard. Use of and damage caused by any other BB manufacturer will void all warranties. Use of .12g or .15g BBs in electric guns will also void warranty.

Guns that are submerged in liquids or mud will have the warranty voided. Please contact us before returning the gun. Warranty does not cover modified, disassembled, or redesigned exceptions. DIY repairs are at your own risk!

For warranty service visit our RETURNS SECTION

Airsoft Guns are required to have a 6mm Blaze Orange tip for safety.  Any guns returned to us with the Orange tip removed, painted over, or modified in any way will be turned over to local law enforcement for destruction.  You will be out of an airsoft gun. We do not take any responsibility for replacing or refunding your purchase price in this instance.

If you have any questions on this warranty coverage, please contact us before buying. Our shop number is 678-797-1900

All airsoft guns are required, by law, to have a permanent fixed blaze orange tip (minimum 6mm). All Airsoft Guns sold by OnTarget Airsoft have the blaze orange tip. Do not remove, paint over, or alter the blaze orange tip; it is there for your safety.

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