Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns


We provide free shipping on all orders over $99, to all areas of the continental United States. We ship with FedEx, UPS, and the US Postal Service. Shipping times with the USPS are different from UPS and FedEx, please call the USPS for more accurate information having a package shipped from our location in Marietta, GA. We include a tracking number with all shipments, so you can also follow your package that way.

United States Postal Service phone number: 1(800)-275-8777

UPS phone number: 1(800)-742-5877

FedEx phone number: 1(800)-463-3339



On Target Airsoft tests every Airsoft Electric Gun that it ships out to ensure the highest level of quality control. Less than 1% of our airsoft guns are ever returned due to problems. However, these guns rely on mechanical parts and defects/problems do occur from time to time. As such, we offer the following 14-day "out of the box" guarantee protection.

If your airsoft guns fails in the first 14 days of use, we will repair it for you free of charge. This covers manufacturer defects only (Wiring, gearbox, motor, piston, spring, magazine, and any other internal parts). We do not replace guns that are:

    Defective due to mishandling or improper use (if you have any questions about use, just email or call us)
    Guns that are worn, damaged, wet or showing excessive/damage
    Guns that have been disassembled or modified
    Guns that have been upgraded
    Guns that have been cleaned with improper lubricants such as WD-40™ or Firearm Solvents such as Hoppes™
    Guns that have been painted over or have the orange tip removed/covered
    Guns that have been dropped or struck against objects (evident by body damage)
    Warranty is void on any airsoft gun if inferior BBs are used. The only BBs On Target Airsoft recommends are: SRC, Golden Ball, Elite Force, ICS, TSD Tactical, King Arms, KCS, & Excel. Use of and damage caused by any other BB manufacturer will void all warranties.

  Use of .12g BBs in electric guns will also void warranty.


Any airsoft gun returned with the Orange Tip removed, modified and/or painted over will be turned over to local law enforcement for destruction and you will be out an airsoft gun

We do not warranty airsoft parts once they are installed in your airsoft gun. Please inspect all parts prior to installation. DIY repairs are at your own risk

On Target Airsoft does not issue cash refunds

all sales are final

Salvage ("Boneyard") items are sold "as is" with no warranty offered.

Not responsible for damages incurred during shipping. On Target Airsoft makes every effort to properly pack your item(s) for shipping. However things do happen in transit that are out of our control. All Airsoft items are insured for shipping. OnTarget Airsoft will handle damage claims on your behalf with the respective carrier (UPS or US Postal Service).


    Is the battery fully charged? To determine charge time, divide the battery mAh by the Chargers mAh output and round up to the nearest hour (example: 500 mAh battery / 300mAh charger = 2 hours max)?
    Is the battery properly connected to the gun?
    Is the magazine loaded with the proper amount of BBs (overloaded spring-type clips can jam).  Likewise for ratchet-type magazines, a low BB count will cause feeder problems.
    Is the clip properly seated in the magazine well?  It should click into place.
    If a wind/ratchet style hi-cap magazine, did you wind it until it makes that distinctive "Click" sound.
    Is the selector switch on Semi or Auto firing (will not fire on safe).
    Is the weapon Jammed? Follow the manual instructions for clearing a jam.
    Is the Hop-Up set too high (this can cause jams).  Turn the hop-up off, clear any jams and see if that works.
    If your gun stops firing in semi-Auto.  Stop shooting, place the gun on full-auto, fire a few rounds.  Return the gun to semi-auto and continue shooting.
    If there is a Fuse in your gun is it blown?  Replacement fuses are inexpensive and can be purchased at Radio Shack.

IMPORTANT: If you return a working gun to us you will be responsible for the return postage and a 20% restocking fee. Make sure you check the above completely, we run all returned guns through the above tests!

You must notify us of product problems within 14 days of product receipt.

HOW TO RETURN: All requests for warranty repair must be made within 14-days of receiving the merchandise.  After the request, return the item to us within 7-business days. We will make every effort to get your Airsoft gun repaired as soon as we get it back.

Original packaging and ALL accessories must accompany the return (except the BBs), along with a copy of your purchase receipt.  Items returned with missing items or not in original packaging will not be exchanged and the buyer will be responsible for return postage.

Items outside of the 14 day On Target Airsoft warranty period, may be covered by an extended manufacturer warranty. See the manufacturer web page for details. We do not do manufacturer warranty repairs. See our PRODUCT WARRANTY section for details

Questions? Don't hesitate to ask!  678-797-1900

All airsoft guns are required, by law, to have a permanent fixed blaze orange tip (minimum 6mm). All Airsoft Guns sold by OnTarget Airsoft have the blaze orange tip. Do not remove, paint over, or alter the blaze orange tip; it is there for your safety.

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