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Loading a High Capacity Airsoft Magazine - If your poorly translated airsoft manual doesn't show you how, this great guide will

Airsoft Introduction - What is the sport of Airsoft and how does one get started. A great introduction to Airsoft Article.

Airsoft Safety - Staying safe while using airsoft guns. A must read for all new airsoft users, parents and experienced airsoft players alike.

How Does Airsoft Work - What is the science behind airsoft guns and how do they shoot BBs? Includes and overview of Hop Up and what it does.

Airsoft gun selection Guide - What kind of airsoft gun do you need?  All depends on what type of airsoft skrimishes you plan on participating in.

Improving Airsoft Accuracy  Four most obvious ways to improve airsoft accuracy

Airsoft Battery Guide - Airsoft rechargeable batteries explained.  Learn about Airsoft battery types, battery size and how to properly charge your airsoft battery.

Airsoft Troubleshooting Guide - Quick airsoft troubleshooting guide

Airsoft Maintenance Guide - 5 easy steps to keep your airsoft gun operating properly

Airsoft Lubrication - Great overview on proper Airsoft Gun Lubrication and what airsoft lubricants to use.

Airsoft Ammo Guide - Airsoft BBs explained.  Learn how to choose the right Airsoft BBs for your gun.

Airsoft Rail Guide - Learn what Airsoft rails are and how to use them.

Airsoft Players Guide - Learn what it takes to be an airsoft player, compete in airsoft tournaments, and an introduction to airsoft clubs

Airsoft for Women -This sport isn't just for Guys.  Learn how women are finding enjoyment on the airsoft feild.

Airsoft Tactics - This article covers basic airsoft tactics that will help you dominate your airsoft opponents

Airsoft Skirmish Ideas - Tips for planning your next airsoft scenario

Airsoft Guns as movie props - need props for your next movie, airsoft might be an affordable answer

Airsoft play fields - What makes a great airsoft skirmish feild

Airsoft GearBox Ver 2 and Ver 3 Comparison - A great primer on the differences between the Version 2 and Version 3 Airsoft Gearbox designs.

Airsoft Tanks - Radio controlled tank combined with Airsoft, you cannot find a cooler toy

All airsoft guns are required, by law, to have a permanent fixed blaze orange tip (minimum 6mm). All Airsoft Guns sold by OnTarget Airsoft have the blaze orange tip. Do not remove, paint over, or alter the blaze orange tip; it is there for your safety.

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