A crate is another type of transportation container that is meant for the transportation of heavy goods and is usually made from wood. Crates are usually used when transporting goods on land but in some cases, they can be used for transportation by sea for short distances. On the other hand, an Intermediate bulk container is suitable for transportation, handling and storage of bulk fluids such as chemical or consumables that need to be protected from contamination during their transportation. They are custom to prevent a reaction between the container wall and the fluids as well as to prevent the entry of air or other substances into the container.

The most common shipping containers are made from corrugated fiberboards. These can be used to transport a variety of products both by land or sea. The containers are reusable and recyclable at the end of their useful life. They can also be custom through cushioning and installation of other items to make them ideal for transportation of different items.

Besides transportation and storage, containers have a myriad of other uses. They can be used in the construction industry for construction of houses, hotels, schools, hospitals and commercial buildings. Buildings could a range from small and simple structures made from one container or they could be storied and complicated. The containers can be combined with other building materials such as glass, bricks, wood and concrete to bring out unique and long lasting structures. Besides this, it is possible to create movable structures using containers. This is important when the land involved is on a short term lease, when the owner is fond of moving from one place to another or when the users require a temporary structure. The structures can be insulated and HVAC systems installed in order to control temperatures.

In the case that temporary accommodation facilities are required in a certain region especially in the in the face of a disaster, it is easier to mobilize container shelters for them as their homes are being repaired or as they seek to re organize their lives. Container homes are better compared to tents since they provide better shelter against different weather and climatic elements. They also offer more privacy and security for their inhabitants. In addition to this, those who may not have the resources to build or buy other houses can make the container homes their permanent residences, reducing the financial stress and pressure on the family.

Entertainment facilities such as swimming pools can also be constructed using containers. The end result is a cool, movable or even suspended swimming pool in a hotel, home or even a commercial building. These swimming pools are not only unconventional but they can be a unique selling point for any property. Their ability to be moved from one place to another ensures that they can be located in different areas during different seasons. For example, during summer, they can be placed in the backyard and moved indoors or in a sheltered area during the colder seasons. Creating pools from containers offers the opportunity to come up with a unique design and to give a different swimming experience to the users.

In remote areas, shipping containers can be used to create different temporary structures including temporary hospitals for medical camps as well as temporary structures for visitors during festivals or other occasional events. They can even be used to create serene portable toilets for events enhancing cost savings for the organizers but also ensuring that the visitors have excellent facilities to use.

Ever come across research or laboratories that move from one region to another in the course of their work? These are great beneficiaries of movable structures made from containers. The structures could serve as their work stations as well as accommodation for the staff members which can greatly reduce the cost of operation and set up since they would not need to dismantle all their equipment when moving from one area to another.

The agricultural sector can also utilize these containers for indoor or controlled farming. Controlled farming is a farming technique where the farmer exercises control over the elements the plants are exposed to in order to accelerate the speed of growth, enhance the quality of produce, or even to control the size of the products. The farmers therefore control the light, the temperature as well as the moisture levels the plants are exposed to from the moment the seeds are planted to the harvesting period. The use of custom containers reduces the cost of this kind of farming and makes it easier to control the farming environment unlike when they are using greenhouses. In addition to this, the containers are more durable compared to greenhouses reducing the capital investment required over time.

Containers have great uses and a myriad of advantages. When seeking to use a container ins a certain way, it is essential to work closely with experts in that field in order to ensure that you make the best use of it. Besides this, you may also need to understand the types of licensing that may be required to convert containers into different structure before you commence in order to shield yourself from negative legal implications.

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